I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying the diversity and evolution of whelks. This summer I was sponsored by the NSF (USA) and JSPS (Japan) to work with Dr. Seiji Hayashi at Nagoya University in Japan to collect buccinid gastropod (whelk) tissue samples and examine whelk shell collections at musems throughout Japan. Sugoi! Some of the snails that I study are pictured to the right.

Friday, June 27, 2008


My third tier of the Maslowian hierarchy of needs was met today by labmates and faculty. My new lab friend Hideko-san made this sign.This was the restaurant. Here I think I am searching for "vegetarian" (unsuccessfully) in a Japanese/English phrase book.This is a popular Japanese soup called nabe. In this case, with kimchi! After most of the vegetables, etc. in the nabe are eaten, udon noodles are added.

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Pablo R. said...

Hello Jann! Just visited your blog, how lucky you are being in Japan! I'd love to go someday.
Food looks great in pictures!

good look in your studies!
Pablo from buenos aires