I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying the diversity and evolution of whelks. This summer I was sponsored by the NSF (USA) and JSPS (Japan) to work with Dr. Seiji Hayashi at Nagoya University in Japan to collect buccinid gastropod (whelk) tissue samples and examine whelk shell collections at musems throughout Japan. Sugoi! Some of the snails that I study are pictured to the right.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sayonara Nihon!

My time in Japan is just about up. A quick reunion with JSPS/NSF students tomorrow, then a flight home the next day. Living in Japan this summer has been productive, surprising, rewarding, and challenging. I learned about things I didn't even know I didn't know about. That is one of the profound aspects of living in another culture. At least it was for me. Putting this blog together has also been lots of fun. I appreciate that you read it.

Here are last minute miscellaneous thoughts.

I rode the subway very often while in Nagoya. This sign (sorry about the glare, I know is hard to see) indicates the seating available for persons who might need it most. "Priority Seats". Fine so far. Starting from the left of this sign, I identify; old person, pregnant woman, person with a baby, injured person, but the fifth one? Crying person with a broken heart? This has perplexed me for months.Here is the giant green Buddha near Nagoya University. I already posted pictures of it when I first got to Nagoya, but wow. I think it deserves more attention. It is gigantic! If you are ever in Nagoya, it is worth seeing.Here I am (again) next to the also giant Buddha hand that is next to the larger statue.And finally, this sign is posted near the cash register of the cafe where I ordered the green tea/red bean/rice ball drink and the squid sandwich that I mention in a previous post. I think that Natural Selection should have the final word in this blog. It usually does in life.

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spring basil said...

Thank you for all your beautiful photos and "essays" Jann! Looking forward to welcoming you home. Safe flight! -- carey